To the Editor:

This piece of writing I recently discovered in a journal, I thought was empty. It contains many of the writing suggestions I gave my students in order to improve their writing, such as over use of the verb to be, and repetitive language. I decided not to change the original, as it was, I thought, a powerful expression which might resonate in others, especially at this time of the year, and in this year:

Different seasons bring different comforts. Last night, around 4:30, it was getting dark out, and I got a brief memory of being able to sit on these outside steps for a while at that time of the day. The steps face the western sky, and don’t even get the sun at all yet. But, soon, I thought, I’ll sit here and enjoy that western sun.

In the winter, there is comfort in warmth and light inside. I love to get into my bathrobe and get all cozy and comfortable, and settle into the dark outside, warmth inside house. And, if I have a good book, all the better. I am set for hours.

Spring brings the longer days back and I come alive again it seems, along with the leaves and flowers.  It is easier to find peace then. I can sit on my porch for hours and daydream for hours. The birds are busy and the world is so alive.

Then fall ends the cycle, and the smells and sights are browns, oranges and yellows. The air is crisp and I go inside earlier. It’s best if I take each season as it comes, and find whatever peace and comfort I can find in each, instead of wishing it were different.  I find peace and comfort arrives more easily.

Suzanne Taylor

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