DEAR SUN SPOTS: The AARP Free Tax Preparation site at Sacred Heart Church in Auburn will open April 5. We will remain open through the month of April and into May, if there is a need. We will have limited capacity and some new procedures due to COVID-19. The deadline for filing has been extended to May 15.

To make an appointment, please call and leave a message on our phone line at 513-3170. We appreciate your patience and understanding with our limitations this tax season. — No name, no town

ANSWER: I know many of our readers in the area will be happy to hear that the Sacred Heart Church location is opening after all. It took quite a bit of work to coordinate this tax assistance and I want to extend kudos to all those who made it happen.

DEAR SUN SPOTS: I am writing in regards to a reader’s inquiry into the former names of the Spark’s Shopping Center at Oak and Park streets. (March 16 Sun Spots)

I have access to several old Lewiston City Directories and find that the address for the businesses that occupied this building was 42 Park St. Here are the listings for 42 Park St. at various points over the years.

From 1975 to 1976: Allied Shoes and Marks of New Hampshire;

1970-1971: Sparks Shopping Center Corp., Coreen Distributors, Melrose, Allied Shoes, and Marks of New Hampshire;

1968: Sparks Shopping Center Corp., Coreen Distributors, Shoe Concessions Inc., Marks of New Hampshire;

1964: Murray’s Shopping Center, Coreen Distributors, Newman & Bemis, Ben-Roche Hardware, Shoe Concessions, Delvo;

1960: Manley Concession (snack bar);

1958: Manley Concession;

1954: Davis Cadillac occupied the whole building.

— David, Lewiston

ANSWER: Thank you for that great information! I’m certainly glad you have those old directories. Hang on to them! All of us in Sun Spots Land may need them again.

DEAR SUN SPOTS: I’m looking for information on the fire in 1947 that happened on Mount Abram in Salem, Maine. — Robert, no town

ANSWER: In 1947, the state suffered its largest forest fire disaster in modern history with over 90 consecutive days of record-breaking high temperatures and drought. Statewide, these fires burned over 220,000 acres and 1,000 homes.

I hope you’ve looked into any information available through the organizations listed in March 16 Sun Spots. You can also see if there’s anything of interest here:

DEAR SUN SPOTS: In your column March 16, you listed many sources of historical information. Please add the Androscoggin Historical Society ( to your Rolodex. — Doug, Lewiston

ANSWER: Oh yes! It’s in there. Our reader who asked for resources is already working with that organization, as well as with the Franco Center. He has also utilized the resources at the University of Southern Maine’s Franco collections. Daniel is especially interested in French language audio from WCOU or WFAU.

DEAR SUN SPOTS: Regarding the March 17 Sun Spots, I have a floor refinisher to recommend. B & D Floor Sanding at 29 Lubec St. in South Portland, 04206 (553-0320) was very cost-effective and flexible in accommodating our schedule. I found them to be quick and efficient and highly recommend them. — Judy, no town

ANSWER: Thank you for responding to my call for recommendations! This is what makes the infamous Rolodex so super-duper!

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