The Budget Committee and Board of Selectmen have concluded their joint meetings for the 2021-2022 budget.  With this part of the process complete a draft Annual Town Meeting Warrant has been prepared.  A Public Hearing will be held on April 5, 2021 at 5:00 pm to discuss the Warrant.  This meeting is the last opportunity for the public to recommend changes to the Warrant prior to the June 8th Annual Town Meeting.
In an effort to keep the total budget increase (excluding the School Budget) at approximately 3% the Budget Committee and Selectmen agreed to reduce the amount of money being raised for Capital Reserves.  The Capital Reserve account will still be funded at $295,000.00 but only $120,000.00 is requested to be raised through taxation.  The other $175,000.00 will come from money obtained when the Town sold materials from the Chick Hill Sewer Plant land to the airport expansion project.  The revenue from the sale of these Town owned Chick Hill materials, exceeding $600,000.00, sits in the Airport Reserve account.  According to the Town Budget Code and the Town Fund Balance Policy this money belongs in the Town’s General Fund account.
Based on voter feedback the Selectmen have attempted to improve the wording on several Business Articles to improve clarity.  Three amendments to ordinances, which require voter approval, are also included in the Warrant.  They are amendments to Chapter 38 of the Rangeley Zoning Ordinance including the Land Use Tables, an amendment to Chapter 26 of the Fire Department Ordinance and an amendment to Chapter 30 of the Sewer Ordinance.
To obtain a copy of the draft Annual Town Meeting Warrant for your review prior to the Public Hearing contact the Rangeley Town Office.

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