The U.S. Constitution is often described as a “living document.” Changes to the Constitution have occurred as society has evolved — ending slavery, allowing women to vote, prohibition and its reversal.

Yet no one has touched the Second Amendment since it was written, even though society and technology has changed.

The right to bear arms was noted in a period of single shot weapons. It was addressed to those who would defend themselves against like aggressors.

I am currently only a few miles from the Boulder, Colorado, mass shootings. A Colorado representative, Lauren Boebert, and Sen. Ted Cruz both stated stricter gun laws would not have stopped these killings.


The UK and Germany have much stricter gun laws. Since 1910, there have been six mass shootings in the two countries. Colorado alone has had eight. The U.S. has had more than 125 since 2010.

It’s time to look at and interpret the Second Amendment through 21st century eyes. Eliminating automatic weapons and high-capacity magazines, and more stringent background checks, aren’t going to violate any law-abiding citizen’s rights. Doing so may save a lot of lives, as it has in other countries.

Robert Limoges, Poland

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