The New England Clean Energy Connect is critical to Lewiston and Maine, and our future.

One thing that can’t be denied is that Lewiston benefits from the NECEC. For the power to get to the rest of New England, it must come through Lewiston first. That will require a $200 million substation upgrade that will only make our power supply more reliable and millions for energy infrastructure.

This investment will also greatly expand the city’s tax base, which will help lower our property tax rate, better fund our schools, or improve our roads.

NECEC will bring jobs to Lewiston. These are good-paying construction jobs which will last for two to three years. I’ve heard the criticism that these jobs are temporary. Those in the construction business know all jobs are temporary. It’s great that these workers have a steady source of employment for several years.

In 2017, as an Androscoggin County commissioner and vice-chair of the board, I supported the NECEC, and I continue to support the project because it will inject life into our economy and infrastructure. I hope others will support it, too.

Matthew Roy, Lewiston

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