(Recap) To find out what happened to Ella and Ratatouille hear the next story: TTPPT: Part two.

“Fath…er. Put… Toyardee… in… the… dungeon,” said Ella breathlessly. (If you remember correctly Ella had wheat in her meatballs and is allergic to wheat.)

“First, I need to worry about you Ella,” said dad sorta kinda maybe annoyed.

“Ellie, summon the royal doctor!” yelled mom.

“On it,” I replied. “Royal doctor come in quick! My sister has had wheat, and now is very sick!” I said as fast as I could into my magic iphone. The doctor was in front of my face as soon as I put my phone down.

“Explain everything!” said the doctor.


“We were eating lunch, when all of a sudden Ella just started hacking and coughing like crazy!” I replied, “She said there was wheat in the meatballs, but it’s April first so I don’t know,”

“Okay if I take the meatballs for evidence?” asked Dr. Gallinor.

“Sure,” said Dad.

“Hey, all of a sudden Ella stopped coughing!” I pointed out.

“Yeah. You’re right,” said our little sister Gabby.

“Gabby!? I thought you were in grandma Lily’s wing!”


“I was. But I came over when I heard about Ella,”

“Hello? April first? Joke, you weirdos! I can’t believe you took that long to figure it out!!!”

“Um, we didn’t. You just told us,” I said to Ella.


“You’re lucky you’re not getting locked in the dungeon a second time,” said dad.

“But… with this you are grounded for four months,” said mom. “And as for Ratatouille, He’s also grounded for four months,”

We finally figured out the meatball mystery and had a warm peaceful night that ended up with us on a beach towel gazing at the sunset.

Emily Gilbert is 10 and lives in Rumford. She is well known in the area as a creative and prolific (a lot) writer. We are sharing her stories including the ongoing story of the twin princesses so everyone can enjoy her work. You can read more about The Twin Princesses here.

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