To the Editor:

A smile came to my face when I heard that Walter Levi Perry took out nomination papers for a seat on the Paris Board of Selectmen. I know Walter. I have worked with him. Years back, we went on several fishing expeditions up north. He is a heck of a science teacher, an inspirational coach, a small businessperson, and a proud dad. He cares about Paris. He would be an impartial selectman for all Paris. And he knows the difference between policy and politics.

Have a conversation with Walter. It will not take you long to realize that this is a person who listens with an empathy and open-mindedness that we need in government today. His administrative policy would be to manage town services and finances in a businesslike manner. Walter will do his homework to make his decision-making informed and responsible.

I have not spoken to Walter about his politics. I know he is concerned about Paris and its reputation. Political issues like Second Amendment rights and mask-wearing are divisive, especially on a local level. They need to be and are addressed in Augusta and Washington. I would imagine Walter would rather discuss which Paris roads need to be paved and when. I do know that, in such a discussion, Walter would be sensitive to the opinions of all Paris residents, and his decision would be equitable.

Walter Levi Perry. He is a good man. He will be good for Paris.

Richard Merz
South Paris

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