Coach: Shaun McKinnon (first year)
Class: A North
2019 results: 1-11
Returning athletes: Maizy Demers (senior captain, defense), Cadance Dumais (senior captain, midfield/attack), Sam Poirier (senior captain, defense), Caroline Audette (junior assistant captain), Megan LaChance (junior assistant captain), Erin Anderson (goalie), Elise Syphers (goalie), Chloe Bouchard, Bella Swift, Caelan McGuigan, Hailee Brown, Olivia Lee, Lila Davin.
Promising newcomers: Senior — Makenzy Bedford; Sophomore — Mackenzie Sylvester; Freshmen — Ariana Guay, Sophie Sansoucy, Lydia Landry, Najma Bore.

Coach: Emma Lafrance (third year)
Class: B
2019 results: 2021 is first year as varsity program.
Returning athletes: Seniors — Mackenzie Baston (G), Ashley Wilson (M), Colleen McAllister (D); Junior — Cady Kluck (D).
Promising newcomers: Sophomore — Andrea Smith (M); Freshman — Ellie Steele (M).

Coach: Tracey Blaisdell (third year)
Class: A North
2019 results: 7-6, lost in regional quarterfinals.
Returning athletes: Seniors — Shauna Leblanc (A), Brie Dube (M), Emma Begin (G), Ariana Vallee (A), Adia Coulombe (A), Zaria Milashouskas (A); Junior — Paige Pomerleau (D).
Key losses: Cece Racine (G), Camree St. Hilaire (M), Rachel Ouellette (A), Melina Masselli (D), Jenny Morin (A).
Key newcomer: Senior — Charlotte Gastonguay (A).

Coach: Shawn Drillen (third year)
Class: C
2019 results: 7-6, lost in state quarterfinals.
Returning athletes: Seniors — Anna Drillen (M), Natalie Mohlar (D), Abbie Ross (D), Anna Laberge (D), Lexi Delisle (A), Emma Cushing (G); Juniors — Anna Erb (M), Ella Schmidt (D).
Key loss: Samantha Cloutier (G).
Promising newcomers: Sophomores — Lily Caban (M), Eliza Pattershall (M), Addie Watson (M); Freshman — Ashley Deschamp (A).

Coach: Jody Harmon and Elizabeth LeClair (first year)
Class: B
2019 results: 2021 is first year as varsity program.
Returning athletes: Seniors — Rylee Keaten, Ella Stone, Erin Johnson, Farrah Ballou; Juniors — Eryn Parlin, Michelle Seaberg, Mia Willingham.
Promising newcomers: Seniors — Emma White, Martina Madrid Soto; Junior — Jada Blake; Sophomores — McKenzie Berry, Emma Dunn, Emily Hammond, Madeline Hutchinson, Guilia Johnson, Molly Kearing, Talia Kidder, Rachel Maxim, Amelia Tierney, Callie Towle; Freshmen — Brielle Hill, Chloe Roberts.

Coach: Jaimee Smith (10th year)
Class: A North
2019 results: 11-2, lost in regional quarterfinals.
Returning athletes: Seniors — Tiana James (G), Ella Kellogg (M), Molly Littlefield (A), Morgan Letourneau (D), Olivia Orlando (M); Juniors — Katie Hallee (M), Ashlee Farrar (D).
Key losses: Megan Godbout, Maggie Hartnett, Cecelia Dieterich, Marissa Paine, Jade Smedberg, Megan Letourneau, Julia Colby, Nadia Wielki.
Promising newcomers: Seniors — McKenzie Billings, Cassidy Dumont; Juniors — Emily Cummings, Katie Toohey, Celia Melanson; Sophomores — Kelsey Bennett, Elizabeth Hallee, Lily Pierce, Mallory Kennison.

Coach: Butch Dow (first year)
Class: C
2019 results: 10-5, state champions.
Returning athletes: Seniors — Giselle Ouellette (M/D), Taryn Cloutier (A), Emily Wallingford (M/D); Juniors — Emma Roy (M/D), Isabella Pelletier (A/D), Julianne Cook (M/D).
Promising newcomers: Senior — Autumn Clark (A/D); Sophomores — Alexandra Wallingford (A/M), Elli Aube (A/D), Natalie Brocke (M/D), Lily Beauchesne (A/D); Freshmen — Emma Smith (M/D), Hailey Hughes (D), Natalia Russell (G).

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