Matthew Roy wrote to the editor (“NECEC ‘critical’ for economy, infrastructure,” March 27) soliciting support for the wildly unpopular Central Maine Power corridor. He cited financial gain for the city of Lewiston as the reason he feels CMP deserves our support. I totally disagree with his view.

I think we can all appreciate our city’s need for tax revenue; however, this project has devastating implications that go far beyond our city. As Mainers, we need to realize the great benefit of our wilderness for both environmental reasons and especially for our tourist industry. Not to mention the wildlife that will be harmed with pesticides that are sprayed under the poles all along the corridor to keep vegetation from growing.

In fact, there are 25 towns along CMP’s massive corridor route that have voted to oppose the corridor because of its negative impact on the natural resourses located there.

Let’s remember that CMP has proven time and again that it’s untrustworthy and unreliable. The Spanish-owned company has stolen from its customers with fraudulent billing, is consistently the worst-rated for customer service, and we have the highest rates of power outages in the nation.

The entire purpose of this corridor is for an international corporation to sell energy from Canada to Massachusetts. It wants to do so by cutting through our beautiful and undeveloped Maine wilderness as well as through the backyards of our neighbors. This is short-sighted and needs to be stopped.

Ruth Oakley, Lewiston

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