It is no secret that the last year has been a difficult time for small businesses. They have been forced to constantly change their operations just to keep their doors open.

In times like these we need our elected officials to be looking out for the best interests of our small businesses. By supporting the Protecting the Right to Organize Act, Sen. Angus King is doing the opposite of that.

As a member of the Legislature’s Labor and Housing Committee I can attest that the PRO Act will place more burdensome regulations on business owners and give workers less of a say in business management. If enacted, the new law will change the definition of supervisor, preventing many employees from treating frontline leaders as members of the management team. This will make it harder for rank-and-file employees to have access to company management.

For business owners, the PRO Act will interfere with attorney-client confidentiality, which will make it more difficult for small businesses to seek legal advice on complex labor law issues. Simply put, the PRO Act will place further burdensome regulations on our already-strained small business community.

I encourage Sen. King to prioritize the best interests of Maine’s small businesses over that of special interests in Washington.

Rep. Josh Morris (District 75), North Turner

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