I saw a sign that said “Has anyone thought to unplug America and plug it back in?”

Since Trump lost the election our Republican friends have become unhinged. They’ve forgotten America’s Constitution gives people the right to assemble in protest. Some states are changing laws to take away that First Amendment right.

North Dakota, North Carolina, Florida, Tennessee, Texas, Rhode and other states are passing laws giving limited protections to drivers who cause injury or kill protesters with their vehicle. The bills would make it legal for drivers to hit protesters if it was an accident and not done on purpose. Only terrorists use cars and trucks as weapons of death and destruction. Basically it gives crazy people the right to kill people who protest by using a vehicle. That would put a bullseye on the back of people willing to stand up for their rights by protesting.

Some Republicans create conspiracy theories about everything. Some of their tall tales are craziness. They cannot accept reality, so they spread false information, causing chaos.

Everyone knows Biden is the legitimate president. Trump falsely claims the only way he could lose the election was if it was rigged against him. The election was not rigged.

Trump has been priming the pump of racism and white supremacy prior to the election, and since then. Trump and his people are prejudiced against all nationalities except the white race. I never thought I’d see the day America’s politicians would make terrorism legal and lawful.

Deanne Danforth, New Sharon

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