Thanks to Richard Grandmaison for correcting the misperception that Lewiston is the third largest city in Maine.

Lewiston has been the second largest city in Maine since at least the early 1900s despite a long list of obstacles that have seemed aimed at limiting its size and influence: namely, a statewide blindness to its strengths (e.g., to its cultural history, work ethic, architecture, and diversity); a widespread prejudice against its people (its immigrant populations have made and continue to make a significant contribution to the state); and a distorted focus on the severity of its problems (it may come as a surprise to some, but there are nine other cities and towns in Maine that are more dangerous places to live).

In contrast to Portland and Bangor (and Brunswick, Augusta, Waterville, etc.), Lewiston has been afforded no real freeway access from the south, making it a more expensive and less convenient option for people and businesses looking to relocate, and its growth and development may again be threatened if it is unfairly bypassed as a destination in the proposed expanded regional railway system.

And even though its weather differs from that of Portland and Augusta, Lewiston sometimes doesn’t even appear on weather maps and rarely sees its weather statistics reported, creating the impression that it’s not a significant enough population center to warrant mention.

As Maine’s second largest city, Lewiston deserves better, and it certainly deserves to be seen more accurately by its own citizens.

Suzanne Roy, Lewiston

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