So Sen. Susan Collins is “most bipartisan” (Sun Journal, May 3). Pardon if I am underwhelmed.

Given today’s Republican Party, composed of semi-lunatic Trumpites and anti-government apologists for the owning classes typified by the obstructionist McConnell, it ain’t hard to appear reasonable, even if your bipartisanship consists mostly of wondering why President Biden won’t just agree to something that doesn’t make the fat cats pay more, or Republicans have to explain themselves.

Like Joe Manchin, senator from a state which leads the nation in citizens departing as fast as they can, our Susan appears ready to support “real” infrastructure like roads and bridges — i.e., toys for the boys — but is less enthused about measures aimed at child care, paid family leave, etc. which would help women in their work and personal lives.

Never mind that many such provisions have been in place for a very long time in European countries with higher standards of living than ours. They are in the eyes of Susan and her party the stuff of an “extremist” liberal wish list.

Bipartisan, independent Susan, champion of women everywhere, has her limits — just not when it comes to her loyalty to the GOP.

Ed McCarthy, Vienna

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