JAY — Richard “Dick” Moreau, 78, is hoping this is the year he finds the remains of his daughter, Kimberly Moreau, who has been missing for 35 years.

Kimberly Moreau, who went missing in May 1986. Her father has offered a new $5,000 reward and a friend doubled it Monday to $10,000 for information leading to her remains. Submitted photo

He wants to bring her home to give her a proper burial at Holy Cross Cemetery in Livermore Falls.

His daughter was last seen when she was 17 on May 10, 1986. She told an older sister and her sister’s now-husband she was going for a ride and would be back in an hour. She left her purse and car behind, but did not say if she would be with others. She never returned.

After receiving some recent information, police will conduct another search in the Canton area this year, Moreau said. He offered a $5,000 reward in February for “verifiable information” leading to Kim’s remains. A friend doubled the reward to $10,000 on Monday, he said.

Moreau will turn 79 next month.

“I want to get this off my chest,” he said. “I need to know where she is. It is important to me she has a proper burial. I want her to rest in peace.”


Once her remains are home and buried, he will go around and take down the hundreds of posters featuring Kim’s face and pertinent information on them as well as a reward.

Richard “Dick” Moreau of Jay said Monday that there is another search planned for the Canton area to try to find the remains of his daughter, Kimberly Moreau, who was 17 when she was last seen 35 years ago. There is also a $10,000 reward for verifiable information to leading to  the location of her remains. Donna M. Perry/Sun Journal

Police have conducted dozens of searches around the area, including in Canton, Jay and Livermore.  Moreau and his family and friends have conducted many searches as well.

He doesn’t want his older daughters, Diane Levesque and Karen Dalot, who have spent more than half their lives searching for their younger sister, to have the burden of continuing the search when he is gone.

“I think, yes, there is a very good possibility this will all end. I just want it to happen during my time,”  he said.

This is not only for his family, Moreau said, it is for others who have been searching for years for people who are missing or for those responsible for the death of a loved one. This would give them hope, he said.

Every time a story has been printed or appears on the news, information comes in.


If his daughter’s death was accidental and somebody had knowledge of it, he said the statute of limitations has expired.

He is working with others to make changes to some aspects of the judicial system, and matters related to missing and exploited children. They are also trying to get all police departments tied into one system, so that if police stopped someone and they start talking about a case, officers could look in the system for information.

He continues to have hope that his daughter’s remains will be found. It just would take information from someone who knows what went on.

For now, he finds some peace with his family, relaxes in his living room where a big poster of Kim is located, and goes outside to the quiet backyard to think.

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