A nice way to start the morning up heya in the mountains.  I sat in my papasan chair with the glow of the pellet stove, slowly sanding my feet. I would occasionally take a sip of coffee and take a bite of a nice oreo cookie. I have to sand my feet because I walk around barefooted a lot and this just makes for spots that needs to be smoother out a bit.  If they get really bad, I get out the ole Dremel tool. That fixes them. But I was sitting here in a mild conversation with myself of the duties I wanted to get done today. The ducks had come and gone along with the doves and other smaller birds. But then along came the red squirrel. Now, you may consider me racist, but I do not like red squirrels.  I enjoy the chipmunks. They will eat the sunflower seeds right out of my hand. Those darn red squirrels just do what they can to cause problems.  I have had to clean the air filter in my car more than once because of them. So I have to stop my morning beauty treatment and go get my old fashion Daisey gun. I use the Daisey on the turkeys also.  I don’t mind when a lone turkey comes and goes. But soon there will be twenty of them and that causes a problem. If they would just eat the corn and leave, then all is fine. But they do not, they eat and what they leave is just plain disgusting. Especially if one is out there walking around without shoes or socks on. So to begin the summer, I treat them gently and try to convince them to stay away from certain areas of my lawn. Eventually, they all learn the sound of the old Daisy pump and that is all it takes.  I let them know I see them just about the time I begin pumping the gun. Now all I have to do is holler “I see you”. Off they go in a quick hurry for fear of the pumping of the bb gun. Eventually I slip back into the conversation of the tasks I want to get done today. I have to say here folks, I am not one to ask for help at all. I consider myself a person with common sense and there is always a way to accomplish the task at hand with multiple tools. Today, I want to erect my windmill tower with my new generator. This is called a windmill even though it does not produce wind. It makes for DC power. Erecting a twenty foot tower is not really a difficult task, it is just there is a huge cement block on the bottom end. You see, I had the tower in a spot so the roses could climb, but I don’t want it there anymore. I want the tower and windmill where I can watch it. It gives me great pleasure to see that thing turning and saving me money. I have thrown out my refrigerator and electric stove and almost everything that uses huge amounts of electricity. Well except for my computer and other minor things.  I have managed to get my bill down to only $60/ month now.  There really is no need to try and lower it more but the drive is there to be free again. Originally, I did run the house free of CMP.  I want to go back to that now.  I need to raise the tower so I can sit here and watch the windmill save me a money as it turns. I was asked once about solar power and that just is not good for Rangeley. I do have a green house and I took notes of how many days of sunshine we actually get. I quickly determined, there was just not enough to invest in solar power. Now I am going with wind producing me power to run my castle. This may not work well, but I must try. And it is that “must try” that sort of forces me to move that concrete block to where I want it. I know, I know, I know, age should be a deciding factor here, but the mind keeps saying “I can “ because I moved it before. I just want to set that up so to save that nickel every time the wind blows. But not only that, I fear that prices are going to keep going up and up and my grandchildren are going to suffer. With the greenhouse, the wood heat, and the windmill this house should take care of itself. I do this because “I know I can”.     (putting 911 on speed dial)    LOL.    You folks have a most fine day now.     Ken White  determined mountainman    I can, I know I can.

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