Well here it is one a.m. in the morning. I am fully awake and having my first cup of coffee. This is not something I encourage myself to do. In order to be close to a normal person, I should wait until at least four a.m. for that first cup of coffee. But, you see, I have my house set up to take full advantage of that health giving sunshine. So when the big bright moon lights up the night sky, it’s like daylight. Normally, I would lower the shades to prevent being awake at this hour. Something has been raising the devil with my bird feeders. I am quite sure it is one of two species of creatures. Both of them I have had to plink in the butt with my bb gun. That usually ends the problem for the summer. But they have learned when a light comes on in the house, the old man is up. So I kept the shades up and a couple of windows partly open. I have a couple of solar lights that sense motion. When they come on and I am partially awake, I take a quick peek out the windows. Seeing nothing, I then attempt to go back to sleep. The big bright moon prevented that. It was telling my body,” it’s daylight, get up”. So here I sit and eventually, the mind will calm down and I will fall asleep again. I may even have a fresh cup of coffee in my hand that I end up wearing. But this is one of the good thing about Rangeley. There is so much wildlife to enjoy up here. I will say, I will eventually catch the crook.. I now have cameras posted about to take full advantage of any wildlife that ventures by. Be it two legged or four legged, I will indeed get their picture and I have different persuaders for each.

Now, I have stayed in many different places. They go from Florida, to South Carolina, Tennessee, up into Alexandria VA and Fairfax  and then up into Western Mass.  I even spent a lot of time in Portland Maine. I also went out west for a bit. But I chose to spend the majority of my life back here in Rangeley. I enjoy this area very much for many different reasons. It has such a wide variety of seasons. Not just the normal four seasons like the major cities have. We are now into the third season of the year. We just came out of mud and pot hole season and are now into black fly season. Normally black flies do not bother me. I usually eat quite a different variety of herbs they do not like. One guy takes a bite out of me and spreads the word this guy taste like… not good.  And I am all set for the summer. Even the bees and hornets realize its best not to bite this fella. Something was different this year. As I lay on the ground working on the ball joints of my car, I was surrounded by black flies. This is normal, I was right in their fly zone. The sun was beginning to warm things up for them and they were hungry. I was sort of a captured meal.  I couldn’t move a lot because I had both arms extended into the wheel well. There was a stubborn nut that didn’t want to loosen up. There was an even more stubborn nut trying to loosen up the rusted nut. One or two flies landed on me and I gave them a swat. Figuring this was the end of that battle, I concentrated on fixing the car. It seemed as though all of a sudden the flies became like a wild mob. Without mercy, they started to make holes in me. I had never been attacked like this before. Did I just swat their favorite grandparent or what? Another five minutes and the job would be done.  I braved out the onslaught and finished the job. Only to find there were at least 39 different puncture wounds in my arms. I wondered what was so different about my skin?  Is it because I was not young and I had become slower? Was my tanned skin no longer tough like it used to be? The nice nurses always complained about my tough skin.  I thought about my diet and then realized the problem. Because of my anxiety, I now take Hemp Plus one. This helps me maintain a better attitude about dramatic situations. The Hemp helps me control my anxiety. It is much easier for me to just walk away and not go back. The first two black flies that successfully drained me spread the word. “Ya just gotta get a taste of this guy!” “He used to taste horrible. “  “This year he is one cool tasting dude.”  This just encouraged the swarm to get their taste of the old man. So all you folks be warned, there is a different breed of black fly out there now. They have got a taste of the good stuff and are spreading the word.

Ken White  mountainman    Ten pounds lighter and one ounce wiser.

This one is much better.   LOL

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