From left, poll-workers Carolyn Smith and Lyn Lewia check in resident Kevin Averill to vote at the Wilton Town Office on Tuesday, June 8. Smith and Lewia said it had been a quiet day at the polls for the local election and referendum vote. Kay Neufeld/Franklin Journal

WILTON — Selectperson Phil Hilton was re-elected to the Wilton Select Board for a three-year term in a town election on Tuesday, June 8. The town elected Gwendolyn Doak for one of Wilton’s seats on the Regional School Unit 9 Board of Directors.

A total of 213 people voted in the election. By 2 p.m., about 100 people had already filed their ballots, according to poll workers.

The town also voted to approve the RSU 9 2021-22 budgets, which reportedly passed in the whole district. Wilton voters passed the K-12 $38.9 million budget by a vote of 162-51, and the $477,406 adult-education budget by a vote of 174-39.

The RSU 9 budgets will cost Wilton taxpayers $2.8 million, a $21,406 (0.78%) increase from the current year.

The tally for the selectperson election was:

Hilton: 157


Greer: 35

Blanks: 21

The tally for the RSU 9 director election was:

Doak: 118

Mayhew: 79

Blanks: 16

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