Republicans have a serious case of mass psychosis.

Republicans are spreading conspiracy theories about the election, COVID injections, QAnon, President Biden, cancel culture, former President Trump, etc. These crazy theories have become normal in America. The delusions are spreading like wildfire.

Mass psychosis caused the Salem witch trials, genocide of the Jews, Japanese internment camps of the ’40s, etc. Mass psychosis can lead to a totalitarianism society where rulers take on a god-like status. These corrupt rulers have all the power, and the people are victimized.

Believing the liars will turn sound minds into sick minds of delusion. Deluded people are obedient and submissive, giving power-hungry rulers total control of their lives. This blind loyalty will cause suffering and social ruin.

Mass psychosis starts when the ruling class feed and promote the delusion to give themselves power. They brainwash and manipulate the feelings of their followers into believing the powerful, the politicians and elite should control and dominate the society. This begins by spreading intensive fear, anxiety, negative emotions and terror. They use propaganda to control society by spreading false information, confusion and delusion about the threat and crisis. It’s an assault on the mind.

Today’s technology makes it easy to spread mass psychosis, which disrupts normal rational thinking. COVID isolation has made it easy to deceive and spread Republican delusions. These bogus conspiracy theories are an attack on people’s minds that spreads delusion.

Mass psychosis will kill our democracy.

Deanne Danforth, New Sharon

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