I write in response to Kevin Landry’s June 8 letter to the editor (“People need equal opportunities, not equal outcomes“).

Critical race theory is more than just categorizing people into the oppressed and oppressors. Critical race theory is the idea that there is no biological or inherent idea of “inferiority” tied to race. To elaborate, critical race theory directly challenges the idea that a person’s skin color means that they are inferior or superior to others.

Critical race theory states that race is a social construct — as in, humans have used race as an unjustified reason to discriminate against others.

By erasing history and preventing educators from teaching us of how society has historically oppressed people based on the color of their skin, we’re preventing people from understanding and learning about historical truths.

We want to be a society that does not discriminate, but that doesn’t mean we erase history. History must be learned and understood, or we’ll be doomed to repeat the same mistakes.

Coral Howe, Dixfield

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