The Palestinians have had great success in influencing American academics and students to support their victimhood narrative (see “Bates Students Support Palestinians, Denounce College,” May 14).

Being against Israel is now a requirement for one to participate in the civil rights community. Nothing Israel can do, no concessions it can make, will change minds. Israel is an apartheid, colonialist, brutal occupying power and that’s it.

Unfortunately, many in the caring community dislike Jews. During the war, there were 17,000 tweets saying Hitler was right. Oh, we don’t want anything to do with that might be the response by campus activist teachers who get their info from the Palestinians, we’ll pick and choose what parts to embrace, and to top it off we will recruit Jews to join with us. It always looks good when Jews attack their own.

But here’s what none of them understand: Palestinians will never make peace with Israel. They want Israel to stop being a Jewish state. To them, all of Israel is occupied territory and all Israelis are settlers.

Because they can’t defeat Israel militarily, Palestinians go all out to de-legitimize it, even if they have to twist the facts to support their case.

One such lie is that Israel is apartheid.

Israel is a democracy in which its Arab citizens have the same rights and live by the same laws governing its Jewish population. There is nothing remotely like apartheid about Israel, but as the World War II German Reich Minister of propaganda Joseph Goebbels said, “repeat a lie often enough and it becomes the truth.”

Larry Shapiro, Calgary, Alberta, Canada

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