I read the two side-by-side articles June 16 of one person sentenced to six years for a marijuana violation, and another person with four felonies who was sentenced to five years.

How can the courts justify sentencing (and keeping people in prison now) for growing, processing or selling a product now sold at dedicated retailers on virtually every few blocks in town ?

We need to urge our legislators to act to revise these laws and penalties to fit the times.

The costs of this unfair sentencing are broken families and reputations, families going on welfare, and the major expense to taxpayers to monitor, feed and care for prisoners for crimes that are no longer criminal.

Let those in prison for marijuana-related crimes go free, and let them fill all of the open jobs at our local stores.

I am pro law enforcement and pro law and order.

But I am pro fair sentencing as well.

Bob Drake, Lewiston

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