ORONO — The University of Maine recognized 3,670 students for achieving Dean’s List honors in the spring 2021 semester. Of the students who made the Dean’s List, 2,392 are from Maine, 1,195 are from 39 other states and 83 are from 35 countries other than the U.S.  Due to the unusual and challenging circumstances faced this semester amid the global pandemic, the university has modified its Dean’s List policy for the spring 2021 term. The requirement that students earn 12 calculable credits to be eligible for Dean’s List has been waived. Instead, students will be eligible if they earned a minimum of nine letter-graded (A–F on the transcript) credits for full-time students in addition to the criteria in the catalog. For part-time students to be eligible, they must have earned at least six letter-graded credits across the fall 2020 and spring 2021 semesters, in addition to the criteria in the catalog for Part-time Dean’s List. Courses with P/F grades selected by the student will not count toward the total of nine (for full-time) or six (for part-time). Livermore: Abby Castonguay, Caitlyn Rollins. Livermore Falls: Tanna Herlihy, Orion Schwab; Jay: Austin Gilboe, Hannah Maurais, Emily White.


STORRS, CT — University of Connecticut Undergraduate Dean’s List requirements: At the end of each semester the Dean of each school and college names to the Dean’s List those students who (1) were registered for at least 12 credits calculable for grade points, (2) received no grade below “C” including the actual letter grade awarded in any course under the Pass/Fail option, (3) earned at least 3.0 times as many grade points as the number of calculable credits recorded by the Registrar, and (4) were in at least the upper quartile of their school or college. Congratulations to Samuel Johnson of Readfield for making the list.


AUGUSTA — University of Maine at Augusta (UMA) Provost Joseph Szakas has announced the 2021 Spring Semester Dean’s List for full-time students and 2020-2021 Dean’s List for part-time students. To qualify for the full-time Dean’s List, students must complete a minimum of 12 credit hours of 100-level or higher UMA coursework (exclusive of pass/fail courses) and maintain a semester grade point average in these courses of 3.25 or higher, with no grade below C-. Greene: Drew Greco, Bill Longtin, Leeds: Zachary Emmons, Nicky Sargent, Ashley Sturtevant, Livermore: Alexa Harmatys, Livermore Falls: Riley Gray, Kevin Mitchell, Turner: April Thrasher, Amy Burns. Winthrop: Kris Anthony, Catharine Audette, Morgan Crocker, Hannah Eason, Alex Gibson, Alex Johnson, Samantha Mott-Titus, Elizabeth Peters, Shelby Stone, Libby Wright, Maddy Wright.


FARMINGTON —The University of Maine at Farmington is proud to announce its Dean’s List for the spring 2021 semester. UMF maintains a Dean’s List each semester for those students completing a minimum of 12 credits in courses producing quality points. Students whose grade point average for the semester is equal to or greater than 3.8 are awarded high academic achievement. Students whose grade point average for the semester is less than 3.8 but equal to or greater than 3.5 are awarded academic achievement. Any incompletes must be satisfactorily completed before the student is honored with Dean’s List status.
Fayette: Sydney Goodridge, High Honors; Delsi Hewins, Honors; Tom Tubman, Honors; Greene: Averie Cloutier, High Honors; Sam Martineau, Honors; Paris Pierce, Honors; Kristen Roux, High Honors; Brady Stockwell, High Honors; Jared Wood, Honors; Jay: Elly Bernard, High Honors; Alex Bessey, High Honors; Matt Cornelio, High Honors; Sarah Dudley-Taylor, Honors; Nate Goodine, Honors; Brittany Laroche, High Honors; Terri Potvin, High Honors; Lilly Towers, High Honors; Leeds: Kayleigh Getty, Honors; Madison Karcher, High Honors; Livermore: Gabby Beaudoin, High Honors; William Brenner, High Honors; Moreland Brochu, Honors; Tyler Tibbetts, High Honors; Livermore Falls: Mallori Chretien, High Honors; Hunter Dalton, Honors; Madison Lecowitch, High Honors; Readfield: Annie Dobos, Honors; Silas Mohlar, High Honors;  Savanna Ryan, High Honors; Ryan Smith, Honors; Coleman Watson, High Honors; Garrett Whitten, High Honors; Turner: Alex Brooks, Honors; Haylee Janosco, High Honors; Alexandria Ridley, Honors; Wayne: Ian Plante, Honors; Winthrop: Maya Deming, Honors; Portia Hardy, High Honors; Kayleigh Oberg, High Honors; Matti Rice, High Honors;

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