The Boy Who Loved Everyone

By Jane Porter

Illustrated by Maisie Paradise Shearring

Dimitri tells nearly everyone at his preschool, “I love you.” His teacher, his friends, the lunch lady…even a line of ants on the playground! Much to his dismay, no one says it back. Dimiti is confused and saddened until his mother explains that everyone shows love and kindness in different ways, from smiling to feeding stray animals. Once Dimitri returns to school, his hurt feelings are healed when his friends invite him to feed the birds and sit by him during story time.

Dimitri is an easy character to like, with his sensitive and open hearted personality. The characters in this picture book are simply and charmingly drawn, with sweet expressions. Each page is full of whimsical details. The story is a good starting point for discussions about emotions and the different ways people express themselves.

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