Franklin County Commissioners Lance Harvell of Farmington, left, Chairman Terry Brann of Wilton, center, and Clyde Barker of Strong. Donna M. Perry/Sun Journal

FARMINGTON — Franklin County commissioners have decided to move toward asking voters if they want to have the county treasurer appointed instead of elected.

Chairman Terry Brann of Wilton and Lance Harvell of Farmington approved the motion at the Aug. 3 meeting, while Clyde Barker of Strong opposed it.

County Financial Manager Vickie Braley said she will present commissioners with additional information on the process at 10 a.m. Tuesday at the county courthouse.

Harvell said Thursday that he had been looking at the change, like other elected positions, are just really residues of the 19th century. More than the treasurer does the work. It was a figurehead position, he said. He said it seemed to him that it would be more efficient if the treasurer was appointed.

Braley, who is the appointed deputy treasurer, and Treasurer Pam Prodan of Wilton handle county finances. Braley works full time. Prodan works on average about 13 hours a week, she told commissioners in 2020.

According to state statute, county commissioners may decide to abolish the position of elected treasurer and appoint one. County residents must vote on the issue.


The proposal could be advanced with a written petition signed by at least 10% of those who cast ballots in the last gubernatorial election.

If voters approve the change, it would not go into effect until Prodan completes her term Dec. 31, 2022. She was elected to a second, four-year term in  2018 over challenger Quenten Clark of Farmington by a vote of 7,131 to 6,580.

Lauren Haven, administrator of the Maine County Commissioners Association, said Thursday that most counties have an elected treasurer and a finance director. In some counties, the treasurer position is appointed.

In a recording of the Aug. 3 meeting, Barker said he was afraid appointing the person would become political. He said people should be able to elect the treasurer. He commended Prodan for doing a great job with investments.

People will decide if they want to abolish the elected position, Harvell said.

“It won’t affect Pam” because if voters approve that change it will not go into effect until she completes her term, he said.

People will have an opportunity to make a decision on the elected vs. appointed, Brann said. “I think voters should have a say in it.”

If the question is on the Nov. 2 ballot, it will be one of two on county government structure. Residents will be asked if they want to increase the number of commissioners and districts from three to five and stagger the terms of five commissioners beginning in 2024, following redistricting.

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