According to the article in the Sun Journal on Aug. 19, Rep. Laurel Libby says that we are at war over the matter of “government force.” And, that mask mandates are a current battle in this war. Since when does government have the right to tell anyone they must wear a mask?

For that matter, why does government tell us we have to wash our hands if we work in food service?

Why must nurses and doctors wear shoes?

Why am I required to stop at red lights and stop signs?

Why does government tell me not to have a charcoal fire on my apartment balcony?

How did it happen that government requires boaters to have life vests? Or that car makers must cut emissions? Or that playgrounds should not be built over pavement?

Rep. Libby, as the Sun Journal reports, even mentioned that the government might start regulating smoking. Sorry, representative, we already lost that battle in our fight for liberty.

Maybe, once we get rid of mask mandates, we can let people start smoking in restaurants again.

Stephen Carnahan, Auburn

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