DEAR SUN SPOTS: Deeds show that Grandville H. Field owned our property around 1925. I was hoping one of his descendants might know when the house was built. We know it is about 100 years old and we want to place a plaque with the exact age of the house near the front door.

I have tried to determine the age of the house and found out at the Androscoggin Historical Society that a book of maps dated 1922 shows my house, but other information shows it may have been built before then. I hope someone in Sun Spots Land can shed more light on when it was built. Sun Spots, thank you for being there for our communities. — Mary, no town

ANSWER: If any readers are a descendant of Grandville H. Field and have any information, please write in! Also, have you tried the Maine Historical Society and for your research?

DEAR SUN SPOTS: I see that the Weight Watchers Club in Auburn is closed. Do you have any idea if or when they will reopen? Thank you for all the help you are out there in the area. We can always count on you. — No name, no town

ANSWER: I was told that WW (Weight Watchers) Reimagined in Auburn, as well as all other Maine locations, are transitioning to WW International and all members were sent an email to let them know. The program is going through an upgrade and will reopen sometime in the fall with many improvements. If you need more information, you can call 1-800-651-6000.

DEAR SUN SPOTS: Our family likes to eat Thomas brand cinnamon-raisin presliced bagels in the morning, but at this time, we cannot find any. We used to be able to find them at Hannaford or Shaw’s. Are they still being made? — No name, no town

ANSWER: It’s so frustrating when we can’t find our favorite things anymore! As far as I can tell, your favorite breakfast goodie is still being made, but perhaps the production has been reduced. When I checked online, it showed that the bagels are in stock and available at Walmart and Target in the Lewiston-Auburn area and you can also order them through Amazon.

A similar brand is Lender’s bagels. You may want to give those a try when you can’t find the brand you prefer. If anyone in Sun Spots Land spies these Thomas brand bagels, please let me know!

DEAR SUN SPOTS: Why there is so much difference between the same brand of gas at stations in Auburn and Lewiston? Lewiston’s gas is 10 to 13 cents more per gallon at some stations. — No name, no town

ANSWER: I have wondered that myself. There are many factors for the price difference that include the location of the gas station and its accessibility from a major highway, overhead costs, including leasing or renting the building, taxes, how many people are employed, and the ability for gas to be scheduled for delivery. Even real estate costs are factored in. The pricing is also controlled by supply and demand, and if those running the show at a particular station can get a higher price for gas, they will set the cost accordingly.

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