FARMINGTON — Franklin County voters will have two decisions to make Nov. 2 about the structure of county government.

Residents will consider increasing the number of commissioners and districts from three to five, and stagger the terms of five commissioners beginning in 2024, following redistricting.

If voters approve, the apportionment commission will submit a plan to divide the county into three commissioner districts until the election in November 2024, and subsequently divide the county into five districts.

If it is rejected, the apportionment commission will submit a plan to divide Franklin County into three districts.

In June, the Legislature passed a law, LD 621, which was signed by Gov. Janet Mills on June 15. It requires commissioners to put the question before voters. Commissioners opted not to put a similar referendum question, approved by the Legislature in 2019, before voters in May 2020.

Voters will also be asked if they want to switch from electing a treasurer to appointing one. Commissioners started the process for the vote Aug. 3.

The secretary of state will put both questions on the ballot at no cost to the county, Julie Flynn, deputy secretary of state of the Bureau of Corporations, Elections and Commissions, said Aug. 23.

County Financial Manager Vickie Braley confirmed Tuesday that the ballots won’t cost the county any money.

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