Recently a CNN news anchor and a late-night talk host went on a tirade against the unvaccinated, suggesting hospitals treat only COVID-vaccinated individuals and refuse to treat unvaccinated.

About one third of Americans have chosen not to get the jab; that’s over 100 million people. This public condemnation of a whole segment of society is becoming more persuasive as the media, in full propaganda mode, is conditioning us to view unvaccinated people as selfish and dangerous.

Can people imagine the outrage if a Fox News anchor suggested that hospitals not treat homosexuals or HIV-positive individuals?

Apparently, it doesn’t matter that COVID shots do not prevent COVID nor stop its transmission, but have only been shown to lessen symptoms (per CDC and Pfizer/Moderna). Yet, this fact is always overlooked as the fear campaign rolls on.

I see a population willing to look the other way as millions of their fellow citizens are targeted as second class citizens.

Donna Dodge, Denmark

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