To the Editor:
This letter is to advise the citizens of Woodstock that the Town of Woodstock and the Woodstock Fire Department will be terminating the Woodstock First Responder program. This will become effective as of 10/22/2021.

Town and fire department officials made this unfortunate decision to close this program at the last selectmen’s meeting. This decision was based on the lack of available licensed first responders (EMTs) and a significant reduction in medical call responses due to this staffing issue. This program has been running for approximately ten years, and it appears to have outlived its intended purpose, which was to provide the initial care before the transporting ambulance service, PACE, arrived. Now that PACE has a designated crew here in Woodstock, the need for this program has been significantly reduced.

Woodstock First Responders provide coverage for only the Town of Woodstock. PACE Ambulance will continue providing coverage for the town as they have been doing for several years now. PACE continues to use its Woodstock ambulance base, located on Route 232, as their primary location for area coverage. PACE covers the towns of Woodstock, Greenwood, and West Paris from this location. Having PACE in town is a huge asset for our community, and we are very fortunate to have this kind of service.

Woodstock Fire Department will remain operating as it has always done. Residents should continue to call 9-1-1 in the event of any emergency.

Kyle Hopps
Fire Chief

Woodstock Fire Department

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