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Sun Journal assistant sports editor Wil Kramlich

WIL KRAMLICH: Hey there, football guy. We’re calling an audible this week and the kicker (a.k.a. Me) is directing this offense known as “Head to Head.” So here’s where I’ll begin: We have three weeks of football in the books, which in an eight-week season (nine for Class A) means we’re 37.5% of the way through the regular season. But many teams haven’t played that much of a percentage of their games, which means there are still a lot of questions to answer about those teams. Heck, there’s questions to be asked about some teams that have played three games. So, what’s the biggest question still left to be answered about teams in our area?

Sun Journal sports reporter Adam Robinson

ADAM ROBINSON: I think Class A and Class D have a lot of questions yet to be answered. Who is the top of Class A? Can Oxford Hills put itself into the top tier? The Vikings will have a great chance to do that this Friday when they host Bonny Eagle. In Class D, just how good is Winthrop/Monmouth/Hall-Dale? Last Saturday the Ramblers took care of John Bapst, but I want to see the Ramblers against the likes of Foxcroft and Oak Hill. Who are your biggest surprises of the season? I think Telstar’s 3-0 start is surprising in how its gone about its wins.

KRAMLICH: The top of Class A won’t be known until the championship game, but Friday’s Bonny Eagle-Oxford Hills game should be a good barometer of whether or not the Vikings belong in that conversation. I am more curious about whether Winthrop/Monmouth/Hall-Dale is as they have appeared and if they are the head-and-shoulders team to beat in Class D. The Bucksport win was a nice opening statement, but I’m not sure how much the John Bapst win tells us. I think Telstar is starting prove that it is for real, now three games — and wins — into the season. Our area’s two late starters, Leavitt and Poland, got off to good starts, but it will be interesting to keep track of them as they get more games under their respective belts, especially Poland, which hasn’t had the same program consistency that Leavitt is known for. My biggest question is what to make of Lisbon. Will the Greyhounds round into form by the end of the season, like they did en route to the state title in 2019, or are they in rebuilding mode compared to their team from two years ago. I’m sure a loss to a rival (and expressed doubt from the local paper) will motivate them.

ROBINSON: Our friend (and boss) Lee Horton keeps telling me to not count out Lisbon quite yet. Chris Kates told me that the Greyhounds have a young team this season, but they kept Oak Hill close for a lot of last Saturday’s game. Poland losing its quarterback in the first game (Week 3) isn’t great, but the Knights have a strong run game that could keep them in games. I want to see how strong Leavitt is this year after missing the first two weeks. Hunter Hayes looks like the real deal at QB.

KRAMLICH: I certainly haven’t counted out Lisbon — I made that mistake in 2019 — but it’s also not fair to this year’s team to just expect them to follow the path the 2019 team took. And that’s why Lisbon is my biggest question at this point in the season. I’m fascinated to see what the Greyhounds’ answer is. And, of course, Hayes and the Hornets, and how Poland follows up its dazzling and determined debut.

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