DEAR SUN SPOTS: Thank you to all you wonderful readers! We had a super response to our request for a Keurig coffee maker!

Now we have another need. The Center for Wisdom’s Women is looking for “companions”, women who have backgrounds in social work or mental health or chaplaincy, etc. who would like to volunteer 2-3 hours per week at our downtown Lewiston free drop-in center.

Companions provide a non-judgmental listening presence (although not therapy) for the women who come in. We offer a welcoming space for any women to gather and to take part in activities or just enjoy a friendly, safe environment.

We require masks at all times and follow COVID safety precautions.

Anyone who is interested is invited to stop by on Tue., Wed., or Thur. from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m. at 97 Blake St. for a tour. For more information, call 513-3922.—Sonia Volunteer Coordinator, Center for Wisdom Women, Lewiston

ANSWER: Ask and you shall receive! I’m so glad you’re request for a new coffee maker (Sept. 29 Sun Spots) was met.


Asking for volunteers with a specific set of qualifications is a taller order, but Sun Spots is putting out the call for assistance. Let’s see what happens!

DEAR SUN SPOTS: The Oct. 5 Sun Spots contained an inquiry about a funeral Home on Main St. For decades, there was a funeral home at 391 Main St., between Holland and Elm Streets.

My earliest available City Directory is from the year 1935 and this listed as the Teague & Stevens Funeral Home. It was named that until sometime between 1954 and 1958 when it became known as the Teague & Jenkins Funeral Home.

My latest available City Directory is from 1975-1976 and the Teague & Jenkins Funeral Home was still listed at that time.—David, Lewiston

ANSWER: Interesting. Can any other readers share more information? The funeral home in question is the one that was specially on the corner of Holland and Main Streets. Four Sun Spotters wrote in that this was the Conley Funeral Home (owned by Francis Conley).

Would this institution have changed ownership and name and gone on serving the people of Lewiston-Auburn from the mid-70s going forward, or was there more than one funeral home in the city at that time? Please write in if you have the answer.


DEAR SUN SPOTS: A few weeks ago, someone wrote in asking where to find the best onion rings, but I didn’t see any answers. Did I miss the responses from your readers? I used to enjoy the homemade onion rings served at Cole Farms, but alas, they are now closed. Does anyone still serve homemade onion rings these days, or are they all frozen?—David, Auburn

ANSWER: I had one reader answer that question in the Sept. 29 Sun Spots regarding onion rings.  Recollections of the best French fries started the discussion and she remembered Cooper’s as having really good ones. Surely, there is a restaurant in the L-A area that has fresh, battered fried onions. I have found that Sun Spotters seem to be quite fond of food chat!

Your culinary recollections and recommendations are always welcome in this column!

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