To the Editor:

As I did a wide circle drive in search of fall foliage colors this past weekend, I was hit by the realization that there are so many houses/families without representation on a local level. Think: Plantations, unrepresented territories and so forth.

The only way that those places and the people in them receive any financial support is at the county level. Franklin County itself is huge, and has but 3 commissioners who control disbursement of funds. Those three have already cut social services out of the budget, giving no funds for important agencies that serve families with children, the elderly and so forth.

There is a way to change this in the upcoming election. We can increase the number of commissioners to 5, thus giving more energy for those extra commissioners to look into the areas that receive no other funding. With the large increase of money coming into the county from the Federal covid-19 relief funds, it will be all the more critical to have extra energy to make disbursements fairly. We need five commissioners, no doubt about it.

Eileen Kreutz

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