FARMINGTON — Franklin County voters overwhelmingly on Tuesday favored keeping the treasurer’s position elected instead of abolishing it for an appointed position. The tally was 7,500 to 2,407.

In a narrower margin, they also were approving increasing the number of county commissioners and districts from three to five and staggering the terms. The vote was 5,673 to 4,077.

Rangeley and Sandy River plantations had not reported results as of 11:30 p.m.

Voting in favor of keeping an elected treasurer position were Avon, 111-24; Carrabassett Valley, 223-133;  Carthage, 115-38; Coplin Plantation, 46-32; Chesterville, 357-109; Dallas Plantation, 96-29;  Eustis, 207-105; Farmington, 1,574 to 440; Industry, 267-65; Jay, 1,056 to 344; Kingfield, 411-135; New Sharon, 464-132; New Vineyard, 220-64; Phillips, 290-66; Rangeley, 288-148; Rangeley Plantation, 74-28; Sandy River Plantation, 46-29; Strong, 355-91; Temple, 160-35; Weld, 175-54; and Wilton, 965-306.

Voting in favor of increasing commissioners and districts to five were Avon, 75-61; Carrabassett Valley, 269-89;  Chesterville, 257-214; Coplin Plantation, 51-28; Dallas Plantation, 90-38; Eustis, 202-110; Farmington, 1,291 to 716; Industry, 181-149; Kingfield, 367-180, New Sharon, 329-269; Phillips, 191-166; Rangeley, 289-151; Rangeley Plantation, 53-50; Sandy River Plantation, 52-22; Strong, 231-217; Temple, 118-78; Weld, 142-91 and Wilton, 720-544.

Voting against increasing the number of commissioners and districts were Carthage, 100-58; Jay, 735-672; and New Vineyard, 141-140.


If the measure passes, having five commissioners will go into effect in 2024.

Treasurer Pam Prodan of Wilton has held the elected treasurer position since 2014. She announced last month that she would run for reelection next year. Her four-year term expires Dec. 31, 2022.  If elected she would begin her new duties on Jan. 1, 2023.

If voters approve having five commissioners, the districts will be:

District 1: Jay and Chesterville.

District 2: Farmington.

District 3: East side of Farmington, Industry, New Sharon, New Vineyard and Strong.

District 4: Avon, Phillips, Temple and Wilton.

District 5: Carrabassett Valley, Carthage, Coplin Plantation, Dallas Plantation, Eustis, Kingfield, Rangeley, Rangeley Plantation, Sandy River Plantation, Weld, Wyman Township and all the unorganized territory.

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