Mark LaFlamme’s article about his raging toothache (“Ode to a toothache,” Oct. 23) was spot on for the many, many folks with severe toothaches I saw over my 40 years of practicing dentistry.

The relief from fixing or removing the offending tooth was often the best thanks I received. Some get into the cycle of pain/dentist/fear/pain, and only associate a dental visit with pain. Advice about regular preventive visits to the dentist fall on (fear induced) deaf ears.

But here’s one solution to avoiding future pain (and fear): sedation dentistry. Why not get treated under the gentle haze of sedation? Go through treatment in comfort and have little memory of the process.

Most who have gone this route say it’s the best decision they’ve made. It alleviates the anxiety of “when’s the next toothache going to strike?”

There are dentists in the area who practice sedation dentistry. I encourage people to look them up. (Sorry, I’m retired).

To quote the Ramones, “I wanna be sedated!”

Robert Limoges, Poland

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