Most scientists believe fossil fuel contributes to climate change. The world’s warmer now than before the industrial age.

Meteorologist Hubert Lamb, a modern climatologist, believed CO2 levels alone couldn’t account for all global warming. Burning fossil fuels produces gases and extreme heat that’s warming the atmosphere.

Some scientists believe thermal emissions from Earth’s interior contribute to rising temperatures. They argue coal, oil and gas in layers and crevices beneath Earth’s crust insulate the planet from the core’s extreme heat like an insulated blanket. When coal, oil and gas are removed, Earth’s surface gets warmer.

Research shows temperatures rising faster in places fossil fuel has been extracted. The void left from oil, gas and coal extraction fills with water. Water’s a less effective insulator that allows the planet’s surface to get hotter.

Earth is losing its internal heat shield. Basically, heat from the planet’s interior causes the land and ocean to warm faster. We’re sandwiched between heat from the sun and heat from our planet’s core.

The planet is doomed if we fail to create alternate natural renewable energy. Every drop of oil taken from the ground is a death sentence for our planet.

It’s estimated oil will run out in about 50 years. We need to convert to renewable energy.

The New England Clean Energy Connect corridor was renewable energy and a money maker for Maine. Instead, electric bills are going up. People chose beauty over breathing.

The Bible says in Revelation 11:18, “… and should destroy those who destroy the earth.”

Deanne Danforth, Farmington

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