This is the way it is in my life. It has always been this way and because of these things, I must obey certain rules. You see good people, someone watches over me. Every year, I make small goals and insignificant want list. Just something for me to keep my directions. I was never one to be complacent with the way things are. Heck my little castle has had so many changes, it is a wonder it still stands. There are times I put things back the way they were ten years ago. I think this is the seventh wood stove I have for heat. I just wanted a different one for some reason or other.   But that is how it goes. This year, I made me a small list of wants and changes to make. They were small articles such as a small planer, a welder, a smaller snow blower,  a weather tight window to replace those old ones.  Not big stuff, but stuff. There was even an interest in a sawmill. Last week all of these items have now appeared. I haven’t made up my mind about the sawmill yet. I try to be careful on those wants and needs. One year, I thought I needed a boat to help move floats. I ended up with four different sizes. They went from a tri-hull to a canoe and john boat. It is because of this, I have to accept and be thankful for what I have. There was indeed a time, I had very little. No money, no food and freezing my patoochie off. The Bible teaches us to “ask and you shall receive”.   Not may, but shall. So in believing, I must also follow feelings that fall upon me. Because of what I have, because of what I receive, I always give. Especially this time of year. I do not ask to be recognized, matter of fact, I usually insist others do not know it was me. I was taught the right hand should not know what the left hand does when giving. For a while, I was wondering, arguing with myself of what to do. It then dawned upon me, I was becoming almost normal. Now, you see I say that,  because I have seen many who had much, but gave very little. It is not as though, I am out giving to some lazy person who does nothing. And yes, there are those who live on getting from others what they can get. But if you indeed listen to your heart, it will tell you. It does indeed tell you what to do and when. By listening, you become connected to a greater good. This connection is what I cherish. So you good people, be at peace with this greater good and listen. Listen to your heart and follow what it speaks to you. The holidays are coming and there are some who are cold and hungry. Through no fault of theirs, they need help.  Just stop and listen and it will come back in rewards you can not imagine.  From the 60’s  peace on folks.     Ken White  mountainman  COB

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