Name, School, Grade, Position
Hayden Fletcher, Monmouth, Senior, Forward (Player of the Year)
Hunter Brissette, Lisbon, Senior, Forward
Mohamed Adow, Edward Little, Junior, Forward
Jack Thompson, Edward Little, Junior, Midfield
Josh Smith, Mt. Blue, Senior, Midfield
Shafi Ibrahim, Lewiston, Junior, Midfield
Cam Walters, Mt. Abram, Senior, Midfield
Efraim Kindu, Lewiston, Senior, Defense
Wyatt Sieminski, Mt. Abram, Senior, Defense
Tudum Monday, Edward Little, Junior, Defense
Ian Allen, Mt. Abram, Senior, Goalkeeper

Igor Domingues, Lewiston, Senior, Forward
Denny Levesque, Lisbon, Junior, Forward
Owen Bryant, Spruce Mountain, Senior, Forward
Elijah Fullerton, Lisbon, Senior, Forward
Khalid Hersi, Lewiston, Junior, Midfield
David Abdi, Lewiston, Junior, Midfield
Ian Redstone, Leavitt, Senior, Midfield
Jay Hawkes, Gray-New Gloucester, Senior, Defense
Tyler Shumway, Winthrop, Junior, Midfield/Defense
Ben Hamman, Monmouth, Senior, Defense
Tanner Anctil, Lewiston, Junior, Goalkeeper

Eben Knedler, Gray-New Gloucester, senior, midfield; Hunter Driscoll, Buckfield, senior, midfield; Charlie Pye, Mt. Abram, junior, forward; Lucas Towers, Spruce Mountain, junior, midfield; Jake Barrows, Winthrop, senior, midfield/defense; Patrick Strout, Oak Hill, sophomore, midfield; Ethan Vatasso, Oak Hill, junior, forward; Iker Penniman, Winthrop, junior, forward; Morgan Thibodeau, Mt. Abram, sophomore, midfield.

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