The Woodstock Fire Department has been around for almost 80 years to help and serve the people in our community.

Unfortunately, the number of firefighters have been dwindling over the past several years, not just in Woodstock, but nationwide. In rural areas such as Woodstock, service is on a volunteer basis, so all of the firefighters have full-time jobs.

According to my father, Fire Chief Kyle Hopps, the life of a firefighter is a rewarding job. A firefighter’s job is to protect and serve the people of Woodstock and surrounding areas.

Firefighters not only fight fires; they cover a wide variety of accidents, whether they involve boating, vehicles, and even tractor trailers.

They also help with community events like parades and races. For instance, every Christmas the firefighters decorate the big tree in the common.

I am writing this letter to try and inform the people of our community that more volunteers would be very beneficial to help people that are in need of assistance.Ava Hopps, Woodstock

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