I ask people to join me in urging our U.S. representative, Jared Golden, to support the Build Back Better Act.

We expect Republicans in Congress to take credit for BBB if and when it passes, like they did earlier on the infrastructure bill which the majority of Republicans opposed.

Most Republicans have also refused to work with the Democrats on the BBB Act, but seem intent on taking away our rights, including voting rights, women’s rights, workers’ rights and equal rights. They also prefer to support the wealthy and large corporations over people.

I do not blindly support all ideas generated by Democrats, but the BBB Act contains so many transformational elements that would benefit all of us. For example, it will lift so many people out of poverty, provide good-paying jobs, begin to deal with climate change and ensure a better future for all.

I ask Jared to look at all these elements, including real overall tax fairness, and agree that our country would be better off with its passage. With his support and leadership I am confident it will pass. It is why we elected Jared in the first place.

James Lysen, Lewiston

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