Coach: Richard Fortin (second year)
Class: B North
Last year’s record: 5-7-1
Returning athletes: Seniors — Evan Gourley (F), Wyatt Lyons (F), Isaac Parker (D), Adrian O’Connell (G); Sophomore — Bennett Ross (F).
Key losses: Kyle Bean, Sam Linton, Owen Foster, Thomas Thornton.
Promising newcomers: Freshmen — Caleb Lerette, Ben Platt, Lincoln Dawbin, Ethan Fortin.
Season outlook: The Hawks are going to rely on a large group of seniors in 2021-22. Gourley is the top returning point producer with eight goals and four assists. Adrian O’Connell will be the goaltender, replacing last year’s starter Tommy Thornton. The Hawks hope the underclassmen will add depth and be contributors as the season goes along.

Coach: Shawn Johnson (fifth year)
Class: B North
Last year’s record: 5-4
Returning athletes: Seniors — Jack Morrill (F), Jacob Godbout (F), Jakob Varney (F), Nick Levesque (F), Ayden Clark (F), Reid Albison (D), Matty Shea (G); Juniors — Zane Boulet (F), Dominic Trott (F), Kyle Clavet (D); Sophomores — Luke Johnson (F), Brandon Smith (D), Landon Foster (G), Tyler Pelletier (G).
Key losses: Quincy Tobias, Tyrell Sousa, Cooper Swan.
Promising newcomers: Junior — Aaron Whitley (F); Sophomores — Ray Dineen (D), Quinn Radonis (D); Freshmen — Zack Waddell (F), Cale Harrington (F), James Dineen (D).
Season outlook: Head coach Shawn Johnson likes the mix of veterans and young players on the Rams roster. He anticipates that the forwards will carry the team early in the season while the defense continues to develop throughout the year. The Rams hope to grab a playoff spot in Class B North.

Coach: Norm Gagne (fifth year)
Class: A
Last year’s record: 8-1-1
Returning athletes: Seniors — Wes Clements (F), Jack Keefe (F), Trey Coulombe (F), Aiden Gonzales (F), Gavin Foss (F), Ben Furbush (D); Juniors — Campbell Cassidy (F), Tate Morse (F), Gavin Levesque (D), Caleb Albert (D), Gage Ducharme (G); Sophomores — Payton Dyer (F), Joe Martel (D), Drew Smith (D), Brooks Hefty (D), Christian Mathew (D), Cam Dufour (G).
Key losses: Will Cassidy, Marius Morneau, Keegan Moon, Colin Merritt.
Promising newcomers: Junior — Brody Keefe (D).
Season outlook: With a number of defensemen returning, head coach Norm Gagne expects the Red Eddies to be a strong defensive team this year. Edward Little has depth at the other positions, as well, with last year’s Sun Journal All-Region Player of the Year Wes Clements leading the forward group and Gage Ducharme ready for his third season in goal. The Red Eddies have the potential to make a deep playoff run.

Coach: Jamie King (first year)
Class: A
Last year’s record: 7-3-1
Returning athletes: Seniors — Evan Knowlton (F), Andon Cox (D); Juniors — Tanner Anctil, Luke Pomerleau (D), Ben Cloutier (G); Sophomores — Dylan Blue (F), Cody Dionne (F), Ethan Blue (D).
Key losses: Keegan McLaughlin, Mason Beaudoin, Damon Bossie, Daxton St. Hilaire, Cooper St. Hilaire, Nick Pelletier, Conner Wolverton.
Promising newcomers: Senior — Troy Poulin; Juniors — Adrien Theriault (F), Evan Greaton (G); Sophomores — Payson Goyette (D), Daven Langelier (D); Freshmen — Andrew Theriault (F), Colton Daniels (F).
Season outlook: The Blue Devils enter a new era with Jamie King taking over the head coaching duties from Jamie Belleau. King will have a young roster to work with, but he said Lewiston will be competitive this season. The Blue Devils have a lot of proven scoring depth, with Evan Knowlton, Tanner Anctil, Dylan Blue, Cody Dionne and Ethan Blue all contributing last season.

Coach: Wayne Neiman (second year)
Class: A
Last year’s record: 6-4
Returning athletes: Seniors —  Matt Aker (F), Caleb Micklon (F), Noah Grant (G); Sophomore — Kadan Neureuther.
Key losses: Edward Thurston, Will Galligan, Boden Dock, Ayden Foster, Dom Zimmel.
Promising newcomers: Senior — Wyatt Knightly (F); Junior — Myles Garland (F); Sophomores — Myles Wooster (D), Nathan Metcalf (G), Jacob Lemary (F); Freshman — Neil Heath.
Season outlook: The Ice Cats need to be a team that has speed, conditioning and is disciplined positionally and mentally on the ice this year, according to head coach Wayne Neiman. They have a lot of talented players, they just need to find consistency as a team. The hope is that some of last year’s JV players will step up and grow into the varsity level this year.

Coach: A.J. Kavanaugh (seventh year)
Class: A
Last year’s record: 2-8-2
Returning athletes: Seniors — Alex Witwicki (D), Hunter Merryman (D), Adrian Burgueno (D), Sean Moore (G); Juniors — Zander Kirk (F), Johnny Hole (F); Sophomores — Jacob Fullerton (F), Jameson Fowler (D).
Key losses: Brandon Durant, Clay Munsey, Noah Magda, Hunter Hardy.
Promising newcomers: Freshmen — Gerek Potvin (F), Dylan Richards (F).
Season outlook: Mt. Ararat/Lisbon/Morse returns a solid core of players in front of all-conference goaltender Sean Moore. The senior netminder, who posted a 3.50 goals-against average and a .900 save percentage last season, should keep the Eagles in every game in 2021-22. Six of the Eagles’ eight losses last season were by two goals or less. Coach A.J. Kavanaugh said the Eagles’ improved scoring depth from multiple lines should make them a dangerous playoff team this season.

Coach: Joe Hutchinson (sixth year)
Class: B South
Last year’s record: 5-3
Returning athletes: Seniors — Reese Collins (F), Kaden Trenoweth (F), Nick Lenfest (F), Ashton Guerin (F), Blake Springer (D), Robbie Berube (D), Vincent Lupardo (G); Juniors — Kasey Berube (F), Jamison Bergeron (D); Sophomores — Hunter Bussiere (F), Talen Langevin (F), Ian Guerin (G).
Key losses: Spencer Berube, Ryan Thibault, Keenan St Pierre, Sam Tibbetts, Brody Keefe, Will Keach.
Promising newcomers: Juniors — Michael Phillips, Nick Michaud; Sophomore — Gibson Dozois.
Season outlook: Coach Joe Hutchinson said the Kings’ success will depend on their ability to utilize their speed up front and their depth. If they can do that, Hutchinson said the team can be in the top half of an ultra-competitive Class B South. Goaltender Vincent Lupardo will keep the Kings in games and gives them the potential to steal a game or two.

Coach: Daniel D’Auteuil Jr. (third year)
Class: A
Last year’s record: 2-6-1
Returning athletes: Senior —  Colin Casserly (F); Juniors — Erik Jones (F), Colby Levasseur (F), Miles Frenette (D); Sophomores — Ethan Pelletier (F), Timothee Ouellette (F), Peter Hayes (D), Ridge Dionne (D), Thomas Casserly (D), Jayden Lynn (G).
Key losses: Edward Thurston, Will Galligan, Boden Dock, Ayden Foster, Dom Zimmel.
Promising newcomers: Sophomore — Tanner Berry (F); Freshmen — Curtis Wheeler (F), Aiden Belanger (F), Dameon Theberge (D), Luke Davidson (D), Gus Langlois (F).
Season outlook: The Saints are a young team with one senior. Despite its youth, St. Dom’s has a little more depth than last year, which should create some competition for playing time. Coach Dan D’Auteuil said that the Saints’ success will fall on his shoulders in preparing the young players for the rigors of a full varsity high school season.

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