A child born this year will be 79 when we enter the next century — assuming he or she survives pandemics, wars, social upheaval, and the enormous disruption that climate change has already started to bring.

Will that child have access to adequate food and shelter if sea levels continue to rise, if torrential rainstorms wash out our infrastructure, if crops fail because of drought, and if forests are decimated by wildfires?

Will that child, now an old person, wonder why the people in her parents’ and grandparents’ generations did so little to lessen the impact of climate disruption when they had a chance?

The Build Back Better Act represents the biggest opportunity in our history to develop climate solutions to the crisis that is bearing down on our state and our country. We need all four members of our congressional delegation to support it — to decide that the next generations have the right to the same life-supporting climate that we had.

I ask Sen. Susan Collins and Rep. Jared Golden, are you listening?

Renee Cote, Auburn

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