Right-wing radicals wan to ban the discussion of the history of racism in the United States, and in some cases offering bounties to citizens who report teachers defying such edicts.

Are they denying that the Civil War — a conflict mainly centered on the merits or lack thereof of slavery being legal or outlawed — ever happened? Sweeping shameful events of our past under the rug will not make them disappear.

Charlottesville was not that long ago. We should learn from past mistakes, not hide from them.

Now to Auburn, where 30% of the voters in the last election for mayor either wrote in another candidate’s name, or left the box required to vote for Jason Levesque blank — hardly a mandate for his policies moving forward.

The election results hardly gave Mayor Levesque a mandate, particularly the one advocating the expansion of strip zones, which the Planning Board voted against after a thorough deliberation.

Bob Mennealy, Auburn

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