Susan Collins and every fellow U.S. Senate Republican voted to “defund” the vaccine mandate on businesses, the military and the federal workforce.

Many senators will not disclose their vaccine status, though I suspect that most are vaccinated. They don’t object to the vaccine; they object to it being mandated. Their reasoning goes something like this: Most people are responsible adults and should be free to choose to vaccinate or not. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention can’t be trusted to make that choice.

So, let’s try a thought experiment. Let’s do away with traffic lights and stop signs because we are responsible adults and should be free to choose to stop or not. The Department of Transportation can’t be trusted to make that choice for us.

A person is now approaching an uncontrolled intersection; as a responsible adult, should he or she stop and play it safe, or should they barrel right through, knowing they might be lucky, or they may injure/kill themselves and their family, and/or injure/kill someone else and their family?

Would that person “defund” traffic lights and stop signs?

George Howitt, Mexico

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