TURNER — A fugitive wanted in Texas on money laundering charges was arrested Friday in Turner, according to the Maine Department of Public Safety.

Joshua Keith Darby, 40, of Lake Charles, Louisiana, a fugitive who is wanted in Texas, was arrested Friday in Turner. Androscoggin County Sheriff’s Office.

Joshua Keith Darby, 40, of Lake Charles, Louisiana, was driving a commercial vehicle on Route 4 when he was pulled over for a safety inspection, according to a news statement by state officials

Darby was arrested and charged with seven crimes, including operating without a license, failing to provide correct name and date of birth, possession of marijuana in a commercial vehicle and failing to submit to arrest or detention.

Darby was taken to the Androscoggin County Jail in Auburn, where he was positively identified, according to officials. He is being held at the jail until his extradition to Texas.

Darby attempted to flee on foot as troopers were interviewing his passenger, according to police. Having managed to get his cuffed hands in front of him, Darby ran into the woods, where he became trapped in a muddy bog.

After pursuing Darby on foot and calling for backup, state troopers were able to apprehend and escort him out of the woods. Darby was subsequently charged with attempting to escape, a Class B felony, according to Cpl. Chris Gedron of the Androscoggin County Sheriff’s Office.

Claiming he was from Hartford, Connecticut, and admitting to not having a license, Darby was uncooperative as officers tried to identify him, according to police.

He provided various Social Security numbers, addresses and dates of birth, all of which were invalid. Police contacted Darby’s wife and employer, both of whom reportedly provided contradictory and inaccurate information about his identity.

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