My vaccinated aunt recently fell and broke her leg. She had to wait in agony for 19 hours at a Maine hospital before they could operate.

Why? Because 100% of ICU beds were full of non-vaccinated patients, who are adversely affecting the health care of the vaccinated.

I am saddened at all the “QAnon quackery” theories I’ve read about.

  • People will become magnetized if they’re vaccinated.
  • People will have a secret chip in their body if they’re vaccinated.
  • The cow worming treatment Ivermectin will cure COVID.
  • COVID vaccines came from aborted fetal tissue.
  • Being vaccinated will hurt the fertility of men and women.

Republican legislators, including state Rep. Joshua Morris from Turner, attempted to give credibility to this last theory in the last Maine Legislative session by sponsoring LD 867. This bill would have banned any vaccine mandates in Maine for five years until Maine studied whether being vaccinated hurts fertility.

Thank goodness this bill didn’t pass. CDC scientists have repeatedly said this is not true. I read where science is showing that babies born to vaccinated mothers have a higher level of immunity.

This last “QAnon Quackery” theory I have personally witnessed:

  • Their anti-choice, anti-vax “God” will protect them from COVID.

What happens, though, when they get sick? They immediately run to the hospital and take up a hospital bed. Thank goodness many denominations are urging their parishioners to get vaccinated.

Science will rid us of this COVID pandemic, not “QAnon quackery” theories.

My aunt passed a few days after her delayed surgery.

John Nutting, Leeds, former state senator

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