Once again, there was an article about the many dangers for pedestrian fatalities — 19 in 2021 (“Maine on track for another deadly year for pedestrians,” Dec. 15).

I read it thoroughly, but saw only reference to the driver’s responsibilities. There was no mention of the pedestrian’s role in keeping safe.

I have long noticed that too many pedestrians do not follow the safety rules taught to us as children. They do not walk facing traffic, which is dangerous for both themselves and the driver.

Pedestrians with backs  to the car cannot see a swerving car, and possibly avoid being hit. Even though they feel bathed in light, they are far less visible than they think, and drivers cannot see them if they are wearing dark clothing.

Spending federal money to improve roads may help, but I wonder if education is not as important. Why not start early and teach pedestrian safety in kindergarten and early grades? Children are receptive to learning, and they may remember for the rest of their lives that pedestrians should face traffic, avoid dark clothing at night and carry a light.

This lifelong learning could prevent tragedies — to pedestrians and drivers alike.

I appreciate being allowed to express my concerns.

Martina Eastman, Jay

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