Marley Cerminara

This week kicks off the first ski race for the Rangeley high school ski team! The snow is great, temperatures have cooperated to make snow, ski trail finely tuned, and the races are on! But these skiers have been getting ready much longer than most people think of skiing!

By winter school vacation time they’ve had several days on snow. Ski training starts much earlier than snow does, and I’d like to think they only play fall sports to prep for the ski season! They’re a very talented group of skiers coached by a group of adults who love the sport as much as the athletes do! This season kicks off the second season back at their home mountain at Saddleback and everybody’s excited! Being “home” means more days on hill, much less time driving and more time to ski! They’re on hill more days than not, that’s an amazing thing! Most athletes can’t go 15 minutes and be at their training hill, RANGELEY CAN!

Rangeley’s Team: Rangeley has more girls skiing this year than boys! Only two boys this year, but they are amazing skiers! Nate Bliss and Daxxtyn Williams make up the men’s side of the team.

This year’s lineup for the woman’s team is solid! Eight ladies make up the team, Mya Laliberte, Bristol Quimby, Emmarae MacFawn, Amelia Stokes, Jacksyn Haley, Bree Quimby, Avery Flewelling, and Natalie Stokes. They can SKI!

I got the chance to interview Mya Laliberte prior to the race this week and she said what she’s most excited for is the team aspect this race season. Both the boys and the girls’ teams get along great, and the athletes and the coaches have so much fun and make so many great memories while also training hard!

When asked what drives Mya to ski, she said, “what drives me to ski, and many other teammates, is the feeling it brings! Racing or free skiing is so enjoyable, and it is easy to focus on technique and enjoying skiing while taking your mind off things. I think that Rangeley is going to do great going into the first race. If we all work together and support one another to do our personal best, we will be proud of our results together no matter the outcome!”

This is so great to hear, people who love to ski!

“I think overall the time I have spent with RASC (Rangeley Alpine Ski Club) over the years has helped foster my love for skiing and given me a sense of community at any mountain we have gone to, it feels like a family.” says Mya. Our community and this ski group is doing amazing things and they are a very hard-working dedicated group. There’s always room for more people-and the team could always use more fans, volunteers, and spectators for sure! I have watched them all grow and can’t believe the power and strength they all have as skiers and young adults! They are all involved in many ways in this community, but I’m sure they’d agree that THIS part of the community is their favorite!

If you are interested in seeing their meet schedule it is available on the Rangeley Lakes School website, listed under sports schedules.

So, if you wish to see a race, here’s the schedule, refer to school site for times all Saddleback meets are a short walk up from the lodge, come cheer them on and bring your cow bell! Thanks for all the community support and GO RANGELEY SKI TEAM!

Jan 5 [email protected] Saddleback

Jan 12 [email protected] Titcomb

Jan 15 SL @ Kent’s Hill

Jan 21 [email protected] Titcomb

Jan 28 GS @Black

Feb 2 [email protected] Saddleback

Feb 4 GS @ Black

Feb 9 GS @Black

Feb 12SL @ Titcomb

State Meets

Feb 17 GS @ Saddleback

Feb 18 [email protected] Saddleback

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