There is much todo in the press these days about “voting rights” and “voter suppression,” ad infinitum, for which the “evil Republicans” are (of course) entirely responsible.

The solution — at the time of this writing it is Jan. 7, there are 297 days between now and the end of October, and the mid-terms are in November. That leaves about 42 weeks for all the suppressed among us to register to vote.

It’s really quite simple — people can find out when their town hall is open for voter registration. We can assume that all but the smallest towns in Maine are open a minimum of two days per week, say six hours per day. That’s 12 hours per week for the next 42 weeks, meaning people have at least 504 hours between now and the end of October to get down there and register to vote.

If people see — or even detect — any suppressors, they should contact the authorities immediately.

Terence McManus, New Sharon

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