Last Thursday night around 10, we discovered an astonishing disaster unfolding in front of our home.

A water main had broken on the road, and the vast majority of water gushing out of the pipe ended up in our yard and basement. There was nearly five feet of water, and rising fast.

Many folks responded. I was astounded by the efforts of those involved.

First on the scene, a police officer who stayed and pitched in to help with flood control. The fire chief and many volunteers were here quickly and got several pumps going fast. I thank them so much. The highway department was here, and the Paris Utility District worked to locate and stop the break through the night and well into the next day.

We lost our “on demand” water heater hanging high (so we thought) on the wall. We lost our almost new (two-year-old) furnace. Everett Propane was here and had a new water heater installed the next morning. Jim Palmer (J. Palmer & Sons Plumbing and Heating) assessed the damage to the furnace, made a few calls, then hopped into his truck (during a snowstorm) and drove to Bangor to get us a new furnace. Jim and Warren were on our doorstep at 7:30 the next morning to install it.

We are so grateful to live in this community. We had numerous friends, neighbors and customers from our store in Bridgton reach out and offer help and support. This matters.

We appreciate all of them.

Pam Stock and Mark Grenda, Paris

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