Another Collins disappointment. It’s been more than saddening to watch Susan Collins, the U.S. Senate’s “most bipartisan senator,” attack the voting rights bill currently under consideration.

At this time when democracy in the United States has never been more threatened and endangered, her statements that voter suppression in our country is nonexistent is very telling. She seems to be either completely uninformed (and I doubt that) or has willingly joined the group of legislators who are willing to throw away one of history’s oldest democracies in favor of one party rule.

Almost immediately after the Supreme Court ended federal oversight over the state’s abilities to enact changes to voting policy, there was a flurry of new rules that discriminated against the ability of minorities to vote. This fact is indisputable, and to have her deny it is both embarrassing to Maine and the entire United States.

Our country deserves representatives who respect and honor our democracy, not someone who is more than willing to toss it aside in favor of hewing to a party line that is currently dictated by a near cult-like group who could care less.

Ken Gordon, Auburn

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